Once upon a time, Nigerian music was the catch of the society, parties will be a shadow of themselves if tunes from late IK Dairo, KSA, Ebenezer Obey, Eddy Okonta, Chris Okotie, Haruna Ishola, Victor Uwaifo and lots of others were not heard. 

Thereafter, we began to have the influx of foreign classics on our air waves and the youths were attached to it, copied the style and infused it in their own music. The outcome of this was that the biggest shows in the country were the ones headlined by foreign artiste and ours had to play a glorified second class citizen in their own territory.

Now media and the crave to be ourselves have forced us to love things that are ours. What the media revolution did and still doing is to throw our own shit in our face and we have no choice but to love it. We hear these music stars often, we have easy access to their works, internet also made it easy for them to know the internationally accepted industry standards and most importantly the audience was so glaring as the prize to fight for.

If you have observed in recent years, the biggest shows in Nigeria are the ones headlined by Nigerians. This is how good it can be if industry stakeholder put the audience first and also see them as the prize to fight for. The impact on the country is more jobs through more skilled labour requirement.

My submission is, this can be replicated in Nigerian football. It may take a while but we will surely get to that point. The competition is getting stiffer and the population is getting larger, this only means that the competitive platform should increase and ultimately football administrators should see the heart of Nigerians as a prize to fight for.
With more exposure from the media, the Nigerian club football is just about to experience her greatest revolution in history because whatever that has happened in music, much more can be done in football.

Never forget, we have the strength of numbers. We are big enough to patronize our own product and what sells here in Nigeria will ultimately sell in the rest of Africa.

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Abiodun O. Lawal
Copy & Sales Writer | Brand Influencer|Media Content Developer| Business development consultant

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