A heart-warming David Silva interview and a close look at how City are shaping up ahead of the new season.Silva showered praises on Pep Guardiola for his managerial qualities and ability to see beyond football.

According to Silva as far as Guardiola is concerned football certainly isn’t a matter more serious than life or death.
In his own words, Silva believes he has always been well treated by the club, but when Mateo was born prematurely was the time when he realised just how much the club means to him.
It was Christmas. It was the busiest part of the season and I knew Pep needed me to play. We were doing well in the league, but nothing was decided. It was still a close race at that time.

Yet Pep just said to me ‘look, there is nothing more important than your family. Take all the time you need to look after your son, your family and also yourself.’
In the worst moment of my life, Pep and the people at City showed me the kind of love that you can only appreciate when you have been in that kind of crisis.”

Silva added: “When you see Pep on TV or read his words in the newspaper, it is the portrait of a man who is the ultimate professional but when you work with him, you don’t just come to see him as a coach. You learn about his qualities as a man.
It is that side of Pep Guardiola that the people on the outside don’t get to see.

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