Football Agent Reveals How Cardiff Refused To Arrange Flight For Late Emiliano Sala (Read)

Emiliano Sala was “abandoned” by Cardiff City and had to arrange his own travel in a £15m transfer from Nantes, says ex-football agent Willie McKay.
McKay’s son Mark was Nantes’ acting agent in the deal for the footballer, who died in a plane crash last month.
Willie McKay arranged the flight that crashed in the English Channel, killing Sala, 28, and pilot David Ibbotson.
Cardiff say they “strongly reject” the claim they neglected to provide Sala with travel arrangements.
“Our club was in the process of organising a commercial flight for Mr Sala until this offer was declined owing to separate arrangements being made – the planning and specifics of which Cardiff was not privy to.
“Cardiff has serious concerns over the potential unlawfulness of the journey following information that has been released. Clearly more answers as to the details surrounding this terrible tragedy are required.”
Willie McKay is not a registered agent but when asked why he was involved in the Sala deal, he replied: “I was helping my son.”
The body of Argentine Sala – the Bluebirds’ record signing – was found in the wreckage of the Piper Malibu N264DB, which was found on the seabed 13 days after it vanished over the English Channel near Guernsey. Ibbotson’s body has not been found
“I wish I had never gone to watch the guy play,” said Mark McKay. “I wish I had never known anything about it in the first place.”
Speaking to the BBC, the McKays say they have been made “scapegoats” but believe investigations will show the crash was a result of “pilot error”.
Having signed for Cardiff, Sala flew back to Nantes on 19 January to say goodbye to his former team-mates before planning to return to the Welsh capital on 21 January.

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