Your business should take advantage of our platforms to reach out to huge specific audience through our blog and social network platforms:


1.  Sponsored Blog Post:

This involves adding a specific content(articles, pictures or videos) to our blog. All sponsored blog post are made to reach minimum of 10,000 unique readers.
This option is very good for business that wish to express details of their enterprise.

Requirement: A ready made content( article, pictures or video)

Cost: 50,000 naira

2.  Paid Advert Partnership On Social Media

This option allows only pictorial and video contents with a caption not more than 140 characters.

Requirement: Pictures/Videos or Short Article

Minimum Audience: 1,000,000 unique viewers from all our social network platform.

Cost: 200,000 naira per post

3.  Referral Links On Blog Pages

This option allow you to display an image on our blog which will lead them back to your page or website or give certain details.

Requirement: A Banner Design, The desired link

Leaderboard (Header)
- N200, 000 monthly

Sidebar ads (Top)
- N120, 000 monthly

4.  Page branding (background takeover)
      N350,000 monthly

NOTE: All prices are negotiable based on duration of partnership.

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